Unnerving pain updates

Hello everyone I know I’ve been bad I haven’t updated in a while. I had to take some time to write something that’s long over due. I don’t think I’ll post it considering… well I won’t post it here. Never less it was needed to do cuz I needed to do this in able to heal from the year in a half to Release some emotions out that needed to get out. I feel good but I do promise I’ll see what I can do with writing here. I may post a actually writing piece here.

I’ve been brainstorming

Hello everyone I was debating to post this but I wasn’t sure to post it. It’s something I have put some serious thought into. I hope you enjoy my writing.

I know it’s Christmas Eve Eve today, I’ve been thinking of something a lot of us have been asked at least once in our lifetimes, if you could change anything about yourself what would it be and why?

I can think of many things to answer off the batt, but as I had some spare time to think and I squally don’t have time to, I had gave some thought to it, and not sure thing I’d change in a heart beat my auditory processing issues.

For those who don’t know as a teen I was diagnosed at age 16 with Asperger’s syndrome at first it was a lot of information to take in at the time. At first I wasn’t open about it as I am now, me being not as social as I am today, when I was told I remember feeling confused at the words, Asperger’s syndrome disorder.

The word, disorder struck me as there should’ve been a sign saying there’s something wrong with you! Detour detour! Go the other way! ( ok I admit I was being a little dramatic) but this was a huge thing for me. As the year pass I began to accept myself and dare I say I’m proud I’m just me if that makes any sense at all.

I learned that I have auditory processing problems and I find it sometimes frustrating at times. To avoid this from happening especially on the job , I’ll ask clarifying questions on what I am asked to do a certain task, cause a lot of the time I’ll misunderstand directions.

For eg one of my bosses or a coworker of mine will ask me, “ hey can you do so and so like fill the fry hopper, or can you change the trash?” I do hear your words but I may hear like part of the directions, something totally different or it may come to me as your mouth is moving and no words come out. I do find this frustrating at times, but I don’t let it bother me especially when I know for sure it’s something important that needs to be done.

Back to the question if I could change something about myself and why?

I need to answer this carefully, I’d say nothing cause despite what I have does frustrate me at times and I have been made fun of in the past, I’d say no I don’t think I’d want to change anything about me. Even at the time I found out i had aspergers as a teen and it took me a while to accept, it’s part of who I am and I don’t care what others think. I am glad I went through trials growing up cause they made me stronger.

As my mom says and I quote,” I am proud of it!”

To anyone out there who has yet to answer this question for yourselves, you may not want to change anything about yourselves. Some may say, really? You don’t have anything you want to change, not one?”

To that I say I have thought that many times so far, but I’ve come to understand even during our trials, sometimes being in the moment you want to run away for eg some event in your life that is unavoidable and you face it sure you can be all sad and be like me me me or you can actually learn from your struggles and grow from it. You may not see it at the time, but you can it’s best to have some form of support like friends and family with you. As I grew up I had that and I wouldn’t change that for a second even though we annoy each other I know we are loved by one another and support one another. And for that I won’t change a thing in my life.


Yesterday I was blessed to be able to see all of my cousins in Holland I usually don’t go to Holland often. I was picked up by my cousin Carrie and my aunt Peggy and Uncle Larry. we all drove to Holland and it was nice seeing everyone there and watched the movie,” what about bob?” I can see why my parents would ask me to watch this movie. Ok why didn’t I listen to mom? Mom knows everything which can be scary she’s always right.

Here’s a few photos of my family

This is a photo of Leftto right) Carrie Crystal and I at Crystals house!

First week of June updates

Hello everyone, I am excited for this week. I get to see my cousin Carrie, I haven’t seen her in forever. I get to hang out with her and my cousin Crystal and my second cousins Ruby and Dempsey it will be nice to see them and it will be a first time seeing my new cousin. This will happen tomorrow

As for this week so far I’ve been spending time with family during memorial weekend and day it was well worth it. I even rode my bike earlier this week I’ll ride my bike Friday tomorrow I’ll take off from exercise ( as mentioned above) things are looking up this week!

One task knocked down

Hello everyone! I know I updated yesterday but I just took a thirty one minute bike ride on my mountain bike. Whew what a workout that was and very much needed after a hard day of work. I had to keep an eye out like I always do for cars. One lady won’t day who, drove her car down the area I was biking she wasn’t paying attention, haha I almost want to buy a horn to squeak to make people pay attention to bikers. As for my bike seat gonna get a new seat for my bike, my bike seat cushion was falling off at least I know why part of my body hurts. That’s an easy fix. I will keep blogging as much as I can. Time for din

Tonight is Pizza Hut night!

Today check it off

Good news I was able to check off one thing I finished today. It’s a huge step on staying healthy and that I took a 25 min bike ride around the neighborhood. It was very warm so i was able to less time on the bike. I need to bring a water bottle every time I bike, but I did it and that’s what matters

I did it

Hello I know I’ve been bad with writing into his blog. I’ve been working out and decided when not riding my bike around the areas near my house, I’ll do some Walk away the pounds, I’m slowly getting back into my groove where I can tone my body but gain be healthy and eating healthy. I have my parents to thank for that. I just worked out to six miles I’ve done five miles without stopping. I feel great.