Mack city

Hey we are at Dixie saloon in Mack city and I am ordering Dixie wings honey garlic and I’m not sorry, I am gonna enjoy every wing to its fullest. My family well they are gonna stuff themselves with food here and enjoy themselves as well. Tile to enjoy tonight with my family!

Mack island 2020

Hello on the way to the island today, I am so ready and I’m in the back with my nephew and chilling. Gonna have a great time with my family! Right now I’m I desperate need of something to wet my whistle and keeping busy while not the car. I do fall asleep off and on so that helps. I’ll post something later. Til then post ya later!

officially on vacay!

Happy forth of July everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. It’s sad to know this weekend is over with fireworks being shot all night I surprisingly got some shut eye. I worked today and ad it was worth the work cause now I am officially on vacay and packed for my trip tomorrow to Mackaniaw Island in Michigan with my family. I am so excited for it and for that I am chilling til then. I will do my best to post photos ASAP. Til the next post have a great night!

Today’s trip Detroit

Hey everyone! I am chilling after making a trip to Detroit with my parents and sister, Sarah to make a trip to IKEA and I did have a great tome. After wards ate linner at Cheesecake Factory in Detroit and it was worth the wait. It was nice seeing my sister Sarah and my parents I am so thankful for my family. Thanks for a great time!


Today I went to the dollar store to get a few snacks for the up going trip soon, it was nice being at the store cuz I haven’t been there since before all of this had happened. It was nice to be back, on the way back went thru a Starbucks ordered a strawberry açaí venti beverage and got to see the lot. ( rather not post about this hope u understand) It was being filled in with cement went home changed into my swim suit, mom dad and I headed down to the cookout that our apartment offered. We arrived and hot dogs were grilling I sprayed on some sunscreen and plopped in he pool to cool off and enjoy the sun rays.

Not bad to wrap up a very hot day while staying cool! And as for the hot dogs and potato salad and chips delicious I’m glad I waited for a good meal. I am tankful that the workers and staff were nice and kind enough to do this for us.

Swim day!!!

Hello everyone, I worked very hard at work today and to reward myself, I decided that I’d go swimming at the pool at where I am. So after I punched out of work and got home I took a shower, quickly changed into my suit and went swimming at the pool. It was refreshing made me forget it was in the 90s. It was worth the wait and it also cooled and refreshed my body. I am so thankful for this right now despite what is happening in the world.