New house!

Help everyone it’s Saturday and today we moved into the new house, just as I was about to leave for work, the movers came in and moved all of the giant heap full of boxes and etc to our new house.

While I was away mom and dad cleaned the apartment and after work I took a shower and dressed and helped clean the wooden floors of the apartment and moved a ton of boxes and bags to the house.

We even had one cat in a red ruffle bag( not really a duffle but a cat bag) for Tazzy and Kiki, poor kid was wrapped up in a towel ready to make a trip to the new house. there were a few mowing and yowling and crying coming fro tazzy and kiki but they both made it alright to the house.

It took a few hours or so for them to u wind and settle into the new house, it helped rust tazzy and Kiki ran and walked into each room having the house to roam. We celebrated with a pineapple ham and mushroom pizza from manchinos and a little bit of wine and I also had a little can of Dr. Pepper. It was defiantly well worth the wait hassle and unpacking. There’s only a little bit more to clean and u pack and unload from the apartment. It’s worth it! I also like to thank mom and dad for their hard work this wouldn’t have been possible without them putting time and energy into it.

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Moving update

Hello everyone I know, I’ve been bad not writing and updating.

I’ve been focusing on packing boxes and tying lose ends before making the big haul to the new house soon. I’ve checked off one huge task and that was boxing everything in my room in boxes. I was able to grab a lot of boxes from work a perk when I work at a world wide food chain. I took every opportunity to grab boxes and used them to help my parents and I pack.

As for the hard work I will help out loading boxes from storage to the house but for the heavy stuff I won’t list here let me just say u know pots, pans and essential items like clothes and needed uses like soap and laundry needs we have all ready to load as soon as we move.

To be honest this change will be a good one, it was time for a move and change of scenery. I myself an glad for it and ready to start a new chapter in my life. As for my poor fur babies: kitty and tazzy, tazzy is being extra mean and very upset and kitty is acting extra aloof. Tazzy and Kiki know something is going on, first time we moved we thought Kiki and tazzy would be meowing and welll upset instead Kiki and tazzy took it well. I was surprised to be honest.

Fast forward to now, in gearing up and prepared for Saturday morning I’ll even get up a little early as workers will arrive at 8 and I’ll be at work a tad early and when I get out of work I’ll be at the house and I’ll see the house and be first to try the new shower❤️😀😁🤣. I am excited for this move and I hope it goes flawlessly and I’m ready for the long haul.

One thing I’ll do differently I’ll keep a few snacks to keep me energized cause last time I didn’t have any snacks to fill me while moving boxes and that was a big mistake. I’m not going to make that mistake this time.

Today is the day!

Hello everyone, I just wanted to make a clarify in case anyone is confused the last post I posted was posted today, however it says Christmas Eve of last year.

Née topic, who is ready for a better year I hope things change for the better. I’m going to do my best to post every week. So far today is the first day. However I maybe traveling sometime this year so I may or may not post when on vacation. However I can post photos with family.

I am happy about the year so far stores are gearing up for spring and summer however some people are ran sacking the stores of supplies and stores aren’t always quick to keep stocked with them. Some how I seem to make it and I do my best to keep my head up high. I won’t lie it’s not easy so I do have my moments like everyone else.

I hope everyone had a great year from now on and that we all are blessed with this as well. I am in a happy place right now and glad I posted a few times when I can.

Til next time, I’ll keep you posted have a great week everyone.

I’ve been brainstorming

Hello everyone I was debating to post this but I wasn’t sure to post it. It’s something I have put some serious thought into. I hope you enjoy my writing.

I know it’s Christmas Eve Eve today, I’ve been thinking of something a lot of us have been asked at least once in our lifetimes, if you could change anything about yourself what would it be and why?

I can think of many things to answer off the batt, but as I had some spare time to think and I squally don’t have time to, I had gave some thought to it, and not sure thing I’d change in a heart beat my auditory processing issues.

For those who don’t know as a teen I was diagnosed at age 16 with Asperger’s syndrome at first it was a lot of information to take in at the time. At first I wasn’t open about it as I am now, me being not as social as I am today, when I was told I remember feeling confused at the words, Asperger’s syndrome disorder.

The word, disorder struck me as there should’ve been a sign saying there’s something wrong with you! Detour detour! Go the other way! ( ok I admit I was being a little dramatic) but this was a huge thing for me. As the year pass I began to accept myself and dare I say I’m proud I’m just me if that makes any sense at all.

I learned that I have auditory processing problems and I find it sometimes frustrating at times. To avoid this from happening especially on the job , I’ll ask clarifying questions on what I am asked to do a certain task, cause a lot of the time I’ll misunderstand directions.

For eg one of my bosses or a coworker of mine will ask me, “ hey can you do so and so like fill the fry hopper, or can you change the trash?” I do hear your words but I may hear like part of the directions, something totally different or it may come to me as your mouth is moving and no words come out. I do find this frustrating at times, but I don’t let it bother me especially when I know for sure it’s something important that needs to be done.

Back to the question if I could change something about myself and why?

I need to answer this carefully, I’d say nothing cause despite what I have does frustrate me at times and I have been made fun of in the past, I’d say no I don’t think I’d want to change anything about me. Even at the time I found out i had aspergers as a teen and it took me a while to accept, it’s part of who I am and I don’t care what others think. I am glad I went through trials growing up cause they made me stronger.

As my mom says and I quote,” I am proud of it!”

To anyone out there who has yet to answer this question for yourselves, you may not want to change anything about yourselves. Some may say, really? You don’t have anything you want to change, not one?”

To that I say I have thought that many times so far, but I’ve come to understand even during our trials, sometimes being in the moment you want to run away for eg some event in your life that is unavoidable and you face it sure you can be all sad and be like me me me or you can actually learn from your struggles and grow from it. You may not see it at the time, but you can it’s best to have some form of support like friends and family with you. As I grew up I had that and I wouldn’t change that for a second even though we annoy each other I know we are loved by one another and support one another. And for that I won’t change a thing in my life.

Week of Christmas!!!

It’s nearing towards Christmas, you know what that means I’m breaking out, “Christian carol,“ on amazon I’m feeling in a Christmas mood. I’m not going to let Covid ruin mine. Take that Covid! I am taking back my Christmas and life and you can’t have it. I even almost done with shopping I just need to shop for one of my fur babies, tazzeroni!

Merry Christmas to my family and my fur babies kitty and tazzy!

I gotta let it out It’s Killing me!!!

Today it’s slowly approaching, Christmas, I feel a bit different this time and not just of Covid, it still doesn’t feel like she’s gone. I miss her so much it only seems less time since when what is the real time since nanny has passed. I been enjoying and been counting blessings since Covid ruined everyone’s lives and pulling and separating families and friends. It kills me to say I haven’t seen my bestie since last March. How much longer can I go on with this? I don’t know world! There are times I do cry one, I miss my nanny so much it does soften my heart to know she’s at peace. 2 I often cry a lot when I realize how long I haven’t seen my bestie, kat. I feel that corona is saying,” you two can’t be friends I forbid it!” And what ties into this as well I miss seeing people at work walk through the lobby it’s not the same as actually seeing their smiles on their knowing I make their day as I work in the lobby and helping them as I love being around them too. I just hope this thing dies off so that I can, everyone can get their lives back. We don’t need to lose people hard working good people in the world.

October 18 2020

Hello everyone! I know I’ve been bad not writing in here for a long while, that’s on me. I wanted to a few days ago however, I couldn’t I had to take care of myself. I laid on my neck wrong and I almost didn’t come into work on Sunday cuz I couldn’t get out of bed without having my neck hurting and it hurt so much I even screamed in pain. It was so bad I had trouble dressing myself and brushing my hair without my neck hurting.

It frustrated me cuz i felt like all I could do is lay in bed I woke up this morning with a pain through my neck it was like shooting pain that wouldn’t go away like the Spain of knives going into my neck. I am sure I woke up people in the apartment cause I let out this scream saying, help me!

This was not a state I enjoyed, each time I tried to move nothing but shooting pain shot through my neck, I grasp the covers of my bed hard letting out this scream. the last time I went into this was a long time ago( grandpa) and it was when I was very deep in this deep hallow blank of a state where all I could feel nothing only sadness. I do remember ( if my memory is serving me correct) that I couldn’t eat at all without feeling like the food had no taste and worse of all I lost an appetite. It didn’t help that I had flashbacks of my nightmare were on my mind followed my negative thoughts if it weren’t for my parents I wouldn’t be able to fight.

Thankfully this was a type of sadness that lasted for some time. I did heal as time passed as for forgetting I never forgot him and he is still inside my heart too this very day.

The difference from that time to this time I had no time to wallow in grief of pain, I told myself, no he wouldn’t want this, you are stronger then you think. Come one do it!

It was hard enough to push myself physically but mentally I knew I had to be strong. I refused to give up and I pushed the negative thoughts out of my mind there was no room for them there.

It came to painful decision of me going into work that day, thankfully icy hot exists, so I was able to make it through. The work I had placed on my neck due to few tasks made my neck pain worse. I began to feel it hit me in less then an hour, had passed it however I pushed myself further til I had decided to take a break at work and left cause I knew in my gut I had to stop or it get worse then this.

Thankfully my bosses( won’t name them) was very understanding as I let them know ahead of time I’d do my best to stay as long as I could today.

Today and yesterday it was better I’m debating to still use icy hot on it cuz it’s still there but not as bad and it’s tolerable.

I am glad that mom and dad were there for me, I love you mom!

9/8/2020 workout!!!!!

Hello everyone I know I have been bad not blogging lately. That’s on me onward…. today after work made a trip to meijers to do the usual grocery shopping, ( at least for me) I bought a few teas, yogert, a few Dr. Peppers and a bag of sour cream and onion chips and then came home and chilled while eating my chicken wings and a single serving of buttery jasmine rice.

Just a few moments ago I I had finally figured out the PF app and got it working on my phone, I know this may seem like a,” so what”thing to hear, but if you know the reason why ( hasn’t been able to use it for a while even before COVID) and it drove me crazy so for the time being I used my key chain version, I am happy that PF must’ve fixed the bugs on the app. I am proud to say, I found a workout I tried on it l, if only I could’ve figure out where I can also show it on my roku on a bigger screen. Oh well!

Birthday week Monday aug 17 2020

Today is the start of my birthday week, and boy am I excited!!! Today mom dad and I made a trip for my birthday bonsai ( ok I know the spelling is wrong) burger all covered in pineapples align with a side more like a basket full of fries! It was so delicious I even inhaled it cause I was so hungry. My official bday is this Wednesday but we are celebrating all week!

I’ll keep ya alll updated as best as I can, I can’t say this enough I still miss seeing my bestie kat. Today i had a cookie crumble from meijers and dipped it in Walmart and enjoyed the wonderful cookies bite treat.