Sunday Feb 26th 2017 I’m back!

Hi I am now back from my vacation and as promised I am back on track on posting things on here. I do appreciate all of you being patient with me. I had  great time I love to thank my parents for this wonderful surprise. This is a thank you for my wonder caring sweet and kind parents who have brought me to this country. I love you Mom and Dad I know that I don’t thank you enough. Thank you for not just for this vacation but for giving me the best of times even for me to live life to the fullest and help me grow in every area in life.

I will be posting some photos of the trip. It was nice to get a brown tan in February, I end up laughing cause for us, Michiganders, this is summer weather and I dare not complain. Although I will not lie for me it’s nice to be home so i can gear up for next time. Gives me a lot of time to prepare and make preparations.

I did think as i spray on my lotion spray it will be at least June or July when I put this bad boy back on my slightly sun deprived body.



Monday Feb 2017 Brainstorming

I am currently brainstorming ideas on writing I often use many different sites such as; Writer’s Digust mainly for me I do not limit any use of any resources to help me find inspiration. And I may have found something. Now to take the words forming inside of my mind and heart to paper, that’s a different story.

Monday Feb 6th 2017 Updates New!!!

Wow so much buzz is buzzing around, its hard to think,” where to begin?”

I can say that I had a great day at work, I worked hard to keep busy even as crowds seem to die down I never stopped unless to take a small soft drink to keep myself going. Valentine’s day is coming up for all of you love birds out there, you know who you are and St. Patrick’s day is literally around the corner, which brings me to the set of news I like to blog about.

Next week I will do my best to blog every day all but Sunday then I will be unavailable I will be in my favorite vacation spot, or at least near it, Orlando, Florida til the next Sunday. I will for sure to share photos of my time there and in desperate need of sun rays and sunshine. I hope to find something here for my best friend’s birthday( Shh I won’t tell you her name, even though the ones I know personally already know who).

Spring is around the corner, I am excited for the weather starting to change for the better at least for us, who are not into the winter season at all. ( excluding Christmas and etc)

Ok one thing i need to realize- Writing


I’ve been brainstorming: not sure about the title

Winter change (Rain)

I stare out at the rain, puddles begin to form,

I feel its moisture soak me from head to bottom

I shake it off and begin to walk forward and I do

not look back.


It does not fall, why shall I care for I only

look to what is in front of me. I keep on going

I look up ahead of me and watch the snow is gone

and the snow, it does not stop falling, making the

earth damp and nature come alive and ready for spring.


Let me know what you think.

Friday Feb 3rd 2017 Speaking my mind- Lent

It’s a new year, 2017, for a lot of us its setting new goals and if you are religious you may or may not partake in Lent, however I do not know when lent starts this year. I dare not to look it up, cause well I have found a goal ,although may not be good enough in few  people’s eyes. l however am sticking to this goal and that is between God and I. It does not matter what people think. I do however know that my family and my true best friend, Katherine will support my decision. I feel so happy and thankful to have you all in my life.

You know who you are! (: