Wed Jan 30 2019 Long overdue updates!!!

ok its been a long time since I have updated…

sadly life got in the way…

Its a new year and time to break out the updates and the new chapters that have started and closed from last year.

Let’s see I can brainstorm

  • my boss ( won’t say name) left my current workplace for new jobs

and currently works else where…

  • I have started to learn a new position, and on top of that I took on full time hours.
  • back in September 2018 my family and I went on a trip to our favorite vacation spot WDW= Walt Disney World and oddly enough I spoiled myself while on my trip to see the Mouse.

OK i am now stumped this is what i can think of on top of my head

so, i know I am missing…

oh wait

1 i have rejoined the Y.M.C.A. as a member

2 joined as a member at the SLAC= Spring Lake Aqatic center

I know i need to work on is writing and keeping you all updated on my blog, I, sadly haven’t done a good job lately.

I look forward to keep you all updated, that’s all for now!!!!





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