Buzzing Thoughts Prose

I often say to myself there is no more room cause

sometimes seem to either fill my head with words and it

dances around like little worker bees, its like they wont stop

and I cannot get much silence.


So once in a while I do find it nice when its quiet where

I am in the house, call me weird when its quiet in my thoughts

and i want to write and nothing comes out its like my mind doesn’t

work right. I, sadly not a genius where I can write what i mean on the spot it takes

time and patience for me. I do what I can with what i am given. patience I’d say

is a gift for usually the wise.. so if that’s true I still have a long way to go and a lot

of lessons to learn in life.


Call me crazy but I secretly yearn for those lessons, i do sometimes wish I had

more patience then I do have. Til then looks like I will enjoy life til its fullest.


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