September 29th 2017 What’s up?

Hello updates! I know its been a long time since I have blogged on here.

Today was payday Friday and it is people’s week at my work, and today is candy day

when I was handed my paycheck today I was handed a little bag of candy.


Today I resumed my second day of working out today at the Y.M.C.A. in my hometown

it does feel great to get back into working out on the leg press, the leg extension the ab cruncher and the hip adduction however I did not have enough time for the row machine had a great time to cool off at the same time get a lot of steps on the running track in the weight room and the elliptical machine in the cardio room.


I’m going to try to write on here as much as i can.


Tuesday July 4th 2017 New Haiku

While I was sun tanning today in my backyard I wrote this

out of inspiration of the nice hot  summer heat.  I hope you all like it!

Please leave comments 


Soak Rays Haiku

Soaking up some rays and

on my way to a great tan

hot summer is here now.


Thursday May 25th 2017 Looking up

This week I have got more hours at my job, things are looking up and I am gonna enjoy it while it lasts. I hope it lasts through the whole summer. That’s all I can hope for. At work business is doing well and I am doing my best at what I do there. On top of this I have been getting back to working out at the Y.M.C.A. today i went over my limit to 20,000 steps and now resting til tomorrow. Last time I went over more than that I didn’t feel well and we all know what happened. I’ve been doing well avoiding that. 

I will do my best to blog on here as for Saturday I may not I’ll have to play it by ear, til then have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Friday May 12 2017 Sorry for the delay

Hello everyone! Sorry about not posting for a while, I have been going through a lot so I did not post on here for at least a week or so. The good news is that I am doing well. I am trying to do my best everyday and thats what matters.

I hope to post as many times as I can considering my job is getting busier, which for me is good, that means more hours and that means I will be closer to saving more.

Friday April 28th 2017 Ok its here ALLERGIES ARE KILLING ME!!!

today is Friday you all know what that means? For me its payday and got my paycheck.
Just like every Friday my family and I munch on pizza, chips, soda with a tv show or a movie running in the background. I always watch my tv show downstairs near my room, my parents watch their own movie. As far as my allergies well my throat feels better but I do sneeze and cough a bit, man my allergies are killing me. wow I can feel pressure in my eyes and before you say mom( hey dinkle take some meds) I did gonna wait til seven.

Thursday April 27th 2017 I made it!

Today I went into work to clean lobby, I go in and did the best I can worked
hard. Although it seem challenging today because of my allergies I am proud to say,
I pushed through. It was sunny alas, it was not warm today. The sun kept on disappearing on me. For once I love for the sun to stay for good. Maybe we will be lucky tomorrow and we all can catch a few rays.

As for writing I am still in the proceeds of posting something on here. Not sure what to post.

I might have to do a vote

one) prose
2) story
3) narrative
4 nothing
5 surprise me I’m open to anything.

Today is the day!

Hello everyone! So far I am doing well with blogging on here everyday. As for creative writings I am still (trying to create life) these are the words I use when I write new writings. Right now I actually about to creak open the internet to help me to start on a few ideas. I do have a creative story I still need to edit, maybe I should work on that for a while after writing my daily writing for each day. Let me know if you wanna see any of my daily writings.